Simple guide to buying ski stuff for kids

So we’ve learning a lot about what works when taking our kids camping and skiing and I thought I would share some of our favorite gear and other stuff to make things easier. Here’s who we’re buying gear for:

Family X-Mas 2014

First let’s start with skiing. The number 1 rule to is make sure the kids are comfortable. Here’s what that means:

1) Buy Smartwool socks for the kids and buy the right size. This is super important – if you buy the wrong size for their little feet, the sock bunches up, cuts off circulation, and causes their feet to get really cold–really fast. Try to get thinner socks as opposed to the think ones for the same reason.

2) Buy or rent the right size skies. Basically this means, just get them nose height from the floor. As your little ripper gets better, then get them some good carving skies and teach them how to carve. Casey, is probably our most proficient skier and because she is totally into skiing, we got her some pretty good ones. These are the Fischer GS Race skis for kids.



3) Get warm, waterproof ski pants and jacket. Don’t get something really poofy…Kids hate that because it inhibits free movement. Get a good helmet and googles that fit. We prefer mittens for the kids too – keeps them out longer. Again, make sure everything is waterproof. Don’t get poles for your kiddo’s until they are making parallel turns without wedging too much.

That’s about it for now! Also, here’s a picture of Erin post-holing in armpit high snow (just for fun).

Erin Post Holing

Here’s a picture of Casey at carving training.

Casey skiing carpet

Here’s a picture of me and Casey at Canyons.

Canyons marc and Casey

Here’s a picture of me following a nice storm at Canyons.

Super 7 PowMow

And, just for fun – some moose in our backyard! HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT YEAR!

Moose in the backyard



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