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Ono Island

For spring break this year, we went to Ono Island with 5 of our neighbors.  Ono Island is a 5.5-mile long barrier island in southern Alabama, at the mouth of Perdido Bay on the northern Gulf of Mexico. It is bordered by Bayou St. John to the north and Old River to the south.  It’s a stunning place, away from the craziness of most spring break destinations, and perfect for family and fishing.

Since we wanted all of the families to stay together, we decided to rent a pretty big house in the middle of the island.  Here’s a picture of it from Old River.


Here’s a picture looking back from the porch.


It was perfect for our large crew–5 families, 10 adults, and 16 kids.  There were a ton of cools things about the place, but in particular I liked the private beach and boat pier (because we brought our Rangers).  Brady has a Ranger 2250 SS and I have Ranger Reata 1850.  The way the place was setup was awesome too.  Basically, a lot of the guys would get up and go fishing at 6:00 or 6:30 until 9:00 or 10:00 and come back to this! (Yep, that’s Erin all the way to the right and she is obviously pregnant and due the first week in May)


Here’s a picture of the boats, beach area, and the kids playing in the sand.  If you look closely, you can see Brady in the background cast net fishing for bait.


Here’s a picture of Law and me motoring up to the pier after dropping in.


Right around the pier there was a ton of small sea life–crabs, minnows, etc…  The kids had a great time with their little cast nets and dippers catching these little critters and making little aquariums in their buckets.  Some of them would have done this all day long every day.  This is a picture of Casey and Reese exploring the shore area around the house.


We also saw a bunch of dolphins right off the beach area patrolling for lunch.


Here’s a picture of Law and Carrie watching the kids jump off the end of the pier.  Pretty far drop for these brave little souls.


Here’s a picture of Caleb showing some panache.


Here’s another picture of most of the kiddies goofing off…

Most of the kids

Here is Reese, Natalie, Hadley, and Casey sharing some time away from all of the boys.

Showing love

The fishing was awesome.  We caught enough Sheephead to feed 26 people for dinner–very difficult to clean, but worth it for the tastiness.  Other days we caught about 10 sharks up to 4 ft, a bunch of Mangrove Snapper (very small), and Vermillion Snapper (also very small).  With tons of watering holes and eateries right along the bay and interconnected through the various waterways, I suggest renting or taking a boat if you ever choose to come here.  It’s much more accessible and fun that way.

Anyway, it was an awesome trip with friends and family–we will definitely do it again!

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